Spring Focus & Thank You

Spring Focus & Thank You

Dear Fleming Countians:

As we approach the end of the school year, I want to take this opportunity to thank you (parents, guardians and the community) for your continued support of Fleming County Schools, especially your support for our students. Our students are amazing, doing great things and performing at an all-time high, largely because of your support. We are the envy of other school districts due to our community support. Each time we ask for your support, there is an army of volunteers waiting to assist. Your support is invaluable and changes the lives of our students each day.  

Over the next few weeks, our teachers and staff will be focused on giving last minute instruction geared toward preparing students for state assessments. The next few weeks are critically important to our students and the success of our schools and district. Teachers have developed plans designed to ensure students will be successful as they take part in this very important step in their journey. We have to remain focused on student success. We must have confidence in our ability to create the best school district for students and work each day to ensure all students have access to the best education possible. We must not be afraid to push the boundaries and seek out opportunities that will lead to increases in student success and preparedness for the next level. This requires everyone working together – as we have. This level of collaboration and community support will only increase in urgency as we continue to climb the ladder of success as a district. Though district labels are important, the ultimate goal is to make sure that every student is prepared for success in school and once they graduate. If we remain focused on student success and work together, not only can we help students reach new levels of achievement, we also sustain our growth and uniqueness as a community. 

We have an excellent school district by all measures. Yes, we experience kinks and bumps in the road; however, the district’s core beliefs, vision, and commitment to students are unparalleled, not just in Kentucky, but also nationally. As a team (all stakeholders), we have created opportunities for students to succeed, which at the end of the day is our ultimate goal. Yet, we still have more work to do. Our teachers and staff have a laser focus on drilling down to the needs of the individual student. Because of our success as a district and individual schools, our continued success will be determined by our ability to meet every student’s needs. We cannot stop. We, as a district, team, and community, must continue to push the limits for tomorrow’s future. Collectively, we all share in the responsibility to ensure that our students are receiving the best education possible – which is the basis of the district’s vision to become a “District of Distinction.”

No matter how successful we are as a district, school or community, we have to continue to look for opportunities to grow, to become better for our students. As a district, we have stressed this point all throughout the district this school year and will continue to do so moving forward. It is important for us, as a district that is in the Top 40 districts out of 173, to continue to raise the bar so that our students have learning opportunities that lead to them being ready for college, career, and life. We cannot afford not to have well-developed and strategic daily lessons that are aligned to the standards, curriculum and appropriate level of rigor. In our case, complacency is truly detrimental. We cannot stop trying to push student achievement to higher levels. We must instill in our students the determination to succeed, no matter the struggle, setback or barrier. We have to create the best learning conditions and opportunities possible so that our students succeed. Our teachers and staff try to do this each school day, but we need your help. 

As parents, guardians and a community, you must continue to challenge the district to push the boundaries in the classroom, create innovative 21st-century centers of learning, and offer next generation courses and programs focused on critical thinking, personalized learning, and collaboration. The next few years will require our classrooms to change dramatically in order to meet the growing new learning demands because of global competition. Simply put, our students need and expect the best and as a team, working collaboratively, we can meet their needs. Your support and involvement in the educational process will only increase over the next few years. 

As teachers and staff prepare students for K-PREP, EOCs, final exams and graduation, we need parents, guardians and the community focused on ensuring that students are successful. Make sure students are at school each day. Ask students questions about their progress at home or when you see them out in the community. Volunteer in our schools to help teachers and staff provide last minute tutoring and acceleration activities. Also, just as important, encourage students to do their best and let them know how proud you are of them. Words of encouragement combined with hope are powerful and can help move the success needle for students. 

Our schools are always open to parents, guardians and the community, as we believe it does take a village to raise a child. We want you to be involved and we value your input and suggestions. Parents and guardians, make sure to ask students how their day went and what specifically he/she did in school each day. At this point, students should be engaged in learning throughout the school day as teachers and staff cover last minute topics and offer strategies for success. Make sure to stay in contact with teachers and staff about your child’s progress and preparedness for the state assessments, AP exams, final exams, and graduation. I encourage all parents and guardians to stay in regular contact with teachers and staff at this point of the school year – no matter your child’s grade level.  

The district’s end of the year message is “Surpass Expectations!” We need to be focused on not only becoming a “District of Distinction,” but also reaching an even higher level for our students. As we raise the expectations for ourselves, student expectations will also increase. Our teachers, staff, and students need all the support we can give them as they begin state assessments, AP exams, final exams, and prepare for graduation. Again, on behalf of the Board of Education, I want to thank you for your continued support of the district and our students. Without the support of parents, guardians and the community, it would be next to impossible to create the best learning program and environment for our students. Our students benefit greatly from your support. Do not ever feel that you do not have a direct impact on student success and the district becoming a “District of Distinction.” Everything you do matters! 

If you have ideas on how to move students to a higher level, please contact me, stop by the office or feel free to talk to me when I am out in the community, because I want to hear from you. Let us help our students to “Surpass Expectations” over the next few weeks. We have to win for students. It is important to point out that the district or community does not succeed if students do not succeed. During the next few weeks, we must increase our supports for students collectively and help them finish the school year strong. By working together, we can make sure that students are successful!  

I also want to express my sincere appreciation for how grateful I am to serve as superintendent of Fleming County Schools. We have phenomenal students, an excellent faculty and staff, and the best community. I continue to thank the Board of Education for giving my family and me this amazing opportunity. Also, thank you for allowing me to serve our students – as they are truly amazing and I am fortunate to see this every day as I visit schools and classrooms. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need help by calling 606-845-5851 or by emailing me at brian.creasman@fleming.kyschools.us.

Our Journey Continues…

Brian K. Creasman

Superintendent, Fleming County Schools

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