VBS Appreciation

VBS Appreciation

Dear Fleming Countians,

As the start of school, quickly approaches and summer fun, camps, and vacations end, I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation to the many individuals, organizations, and, in particular, the churches involved in providing summer learning and engagement opportunities for students. Vacation Bible School, a piece of America’s fabric, still provides enrichment opportunities for youth that are needed in their development to become good students and model citizens.

Though it may seem a little unorthodox for a school administrator to endorse Vacation Bible School publicly, Vacation Bible Schools offer several educational benefits to students. Yes, without question, there is a religious component to Vacation Bible School, but for students, this type of opportunity provides so many more things. In most all Vacation Bible Schools that I have been directly or indirectly associated with or involved in, social and emotional components are found throughout this rewarding student experience. Furthermore, students are engaged in learning outside of school -  that is essential for students to reach the level of success required to be competitive in today’s global economy. However, probably most importantly, students can see and feel firsthand how much the community supports their development in becoming tomorrow’s leaders, business owners, doctors, teachers, etc. Vacation Bible School is important especially in rural America, as it is a free opportunity provided to students designed to help keep students engaged in learning that is fun, different and inspires imagination. More importantly, our students are provided free meals that many would not have if it were not for Vacation Bible School.

Throughout the summer, I was able to attend several Vacation Bible School events with my 3-year old daughter – Georgia. The amount of learning and diversity in experiences she was involved in were incredible. I cannot stress enough how much she enjoyed each VBS opportunity and how much she learned. As I continue to stress, students need to be engaged in some form of learning year round – not necessarily in the shape of structured education but also involved in camps like this. I remember my experience attending Vacation Bible School each summer as rewarding due to the friendships that I formed and the valuable learning that took place. Also, the crafts that I made helped to ignite my imagination and creativity, which by the way, my mother still has many of these crafts in her possession still to this day.

There were several churches, too many to name, throughout Fleming County that offered Vacation Bible School and for that, thank you. As a district, Fleming County Schools offers a thank you to the many local churches who made each opportunity incredible for our students. For those churches who are already considering offering Vacation Bible School next summer, I would encourage you to do so and make the event even bigger.  Please let Fleming County Schools know how we can assist. Our district values and supports public and private partnerships that result in positive learning opportunities for students.

Again, thank you to everyone behind offering Vacation Bible School to students. Community learning opportunities like Vacation Bible School are yet another reason why Fleming County has one of the best communities in the nation. The community support for students, even during the summer, for today’s youth and tomorrow’s future, is unparalleled. As superintendent, this speaks volumes about the value of education in the community and the continued support of tomorrow's youth. As a parent, thank you for giving my daughter such a great opportunity that is critical to her development.

Our Journey Continues…

Brian K. Creasman
Fleming County Schools

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