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Carol Thompson

Dear Parents

We have had a rocky beginning to school in January 2018.   It is difficult to keep students focus and on track when the weather interrupts our daily schedule.   Hopefully, we will get a break and not miss any more days days for weather issues.  Please monitor the weather for cancellations and delays.  

Reports cards will go home with students on Tuesday, January 9th.   Be prepared to speak to your child about their grades and what they are learning in school.   Discuss any difficuties they may be having in class, reading, math, science, social studies, peers,  etc.   Work with your childs teacher to address those concerns and to find stratgies to help.  For instance: if they say they don't like math, what is the reason they don't like math?  Are they struggling? is there a particular concept they don't understand?   What can you and the school do to help.  

If you suspect your child of have a learning disability, speech, learning, gifted,  please talk to your child's teacher.  We are here to help.

We would like to encourage parents to volunteer 1-2 hours or more per week,  in our classrooms to help with reading, math, writing, bulletin boards etc.   Whatever you are comfortable with doing.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact your childs teacher.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school or your childs teacher.




Carol Thompson, Principal


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