Test Scores Released

Distinguished Test Scores

September 29, 2016

Dear Fleming County Stakeholders:

Today, the Kentucky Department of Education released test scores for each school district and each public K-12 school in Kentucky. I would like to share details about where we are and where we are going. But first, we value the strong support from our parents and community members and we are proud to provide you with an overview of the test sores that are posted on the Kentucky Department of Education’s accountability webpage.  The information from last year’s test scores will assist us in raising the achievement bar even higher. Furthermore, we must continue to remain focused on preparing students for the future. To simplify the reports, below are the district’s and each school’s Overall Accountability Score for the past three academic years:


Fleming County Schools







2015 - 2016








2014 - 2015








2013 - 2014









As you review the test scores, you can see that students and schools made considerable academic gains. Where there may be dips in scores, the principal, teachers and staff members already have a plan that will lead to increases this academic year. For the first time, Fleming County Schools is rated a Distinguished School District – as designated by the Kentucky Department of Education. This growth is a result of the hard work by students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents and the community. This level of growth is truly a proud moment for all of Fleming County. It validates the district’s approach to having a laser focus on the teaching and learning process in every school. As we celebrate, we must also realize that we still have a lot of work to do and even higher goals during the 2016-2017 school year in order to become a “District of Distinction.” In order to be a Kentucky “District of Distinction,” Fleming County Schools must:

  • Have an Overall Accountability score at the 95th percentile or higher;

    (based on Achievement, GAP, Growth, College-and-Career Readiness, and Graduation Rate);

  • Meet current Annual Measurable Objective;
  • Have at least a 95% participation rate; and
  • Not have a focus or priority school in the district.

The higher bar for student proficiency set by the Fleming County Board of Education is aimed at ensuring that every student is college and/or career ready. I want to commend students, teachers, staff and principals for their work last school year. The Board of Education has made it clear that they expect every school to focus on teaching and learning and the academic needs of every student. As a result of the focus last year, we have a great road map for success this school year. As we met increased expectations last year, we have even higher expectations this year as we continue our journey to becoming a “District of Distinction.”

The results provide an important leadership moment for all of us in Fleming County. We have the power to leverage these results and focus everyone’s attention where it belongs – on continuously improving the teaching and learning process in every classroom in every school and meeting the academic needs of ALL students. We are extremely pleased with the growth many of our schools experienced this year and their growth can be attributed to a laser focus: 1) Engagement of all students to ensure success; 2) Development of a common curriculum with common assessments; 3) Analysis of data and student work through professional learning communities and collaboration; 4) Empowerment of all stakeholders through collaborative leadership structures; and 5) Connecting all of the district’s systems. We must continue to remain focused on the district’s five areas of focus.

As you examine the data, you will see that the report cards evaluate us on how students are performing. We encourage you to talk to with teachers, principals and district office staff about your views on how WE can improve and best meet the educational needs of our students and our community. You can review the electronic report card for more detailed information for each school. Look closely at each accountability component of the Unbridled Learning Report on the Kentucky Department of Education homepage.

Our test scores are phenomenal across the district. E.P. Ward Elementary and Ewing Elementary Schools experienced tremendous student growth and both became “Schools of Distinction” in Kentucky. Flemingsburg Elementary School made gains and received a Proficient rating. Simons Middle School continued their growth and became a “Distinguished” school.

Our goal is to be one of the best school districts in Kentucky, a “District of Distinction.” This school year, our goal was 71.3, we surpassed that goal with a 73.0. Again, this is a result of all of the hard work by everyone throughout the school district. At the end of the day, our goal requires that each classroom is engaging and learning focused. As we ensure quality exists in all classrooms, students will be college and/or career ready. We want every student to be prepared for the workforce, career-technical school, or a four-year university, with the emphasis on PREPARED.

Over the past several years, the district has been focused on becoming a “District of Distinction.” This vision and focus is all about ensuring that ALL students experience academic success. This school year, we must continue to have a laser focus on ensuring that students are receiving the necessary learning supports for them to succeed. Our schools, particularly our faculty and staff, and school administrators, have simply done a phenomenal job at preparing our students for success and offering supports that will help them becoming college or career ready. Everyone works tirelessly at meeting all of the diverse learning needs of our students. Their relentless effort, as well as, the success of our students is truly something to applaud.  Students across the district not only met the requirements the district established, but surpassed the achievement goals during the 2015-2016 school year.

We must continue to have a focus on our vision to become a “District of Distinction,” through improving the quality and effectiveness of the teaching and learning process and focusing on the needs of ALL students. This will require each of us (students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members) to increase our level of engagement and commitment. Each year, as a district, we must raise our expectations so that all students will be successful in their future goals. Though test scores determine a lot about school classifications, our focus is the measurement of the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process.

Continue visiting the Fleming County Schools’ website to stay up-to-date on our focus to becoming a “District of Distinction!” We are very pleased with our success, but have our sights on even higher student achievement during the 2016-2017 school year.

Our Journey Continues…


Brian K. Creasman
FCS Superintendent

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