2017-2018 Superintendent End-of-Year Message


June 27, 2018

Dear Fleming Countians,

As we come to the close of the 2017-2018 school year, I want to say thank you to all of the students, teachers, staff members, parents, guardians, and community members who worked tirelessly to make this school year another record-breaking year for student achievement and organizational success. The countless number of hours spent in the classroom learning, volunteering and tutoring paid off in the big way for students. As a district, we must be committed to doing everything possible to helping ALL students experience success.

In August of 2017, Fleming County Schools was fortunate to launch the district-wide preschool program at Flemingsburg Elementary School, Ewing Elementary School, and Hillsboro Elementary School. In August 2018, the district will open another preschool site at E.P.Ward Elementary School. During this past school year, students from Ward Elementary School attended Hillsboro Elementary School. The level of student achievement among all three preschool sites was remarkable. More students will enter kindergarten this upcoming school year academically and socially prepared for success than ever before. As I continue to say, deciding to start a preschool program and approving full-day kindergarten back in 2016-2017 were the most impactful decisions the Fleming County Board of Education has made in recent memory. Both the preschool program and full-day kindergarten will have a lasting positive impact on students and the community for years to come.

The 2017-2018 school year has brought many changes and successes. Student achievement continues to increase, teacher effectiveness improves and we have become more financially stable. To bring your attention to only a few of our successes, as we continue to be one of the top school districts in Kentucky:

  • Students with perfect attendance increased;
  • Students who met ACT benchmarks increased;
  • Students who enrolled in the Advanced Placement Program increased;
  • Students who qualified for the Cheap’s Chevrolet Circle of Excellence Program increased;
  • Students who competed and won on the state, national and world stage increased;
  • Teachers who earned National Board certification increased; and
  • Student access to technology increased.

We have an excellent school district, with phenomenal students and one of the best faculty and staffs that I have been fortunate to be part of over my career in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Georgia. Though we continue to experience success, there is still room to grow, as no organization is perfect. I was reminded of this during church services this past Sunday, where the sermon was titled “Storms Happen.” Though recent developments regarding a particular individual have been hard on everyone, we must remember that the action of one individual cannot and should not define an organization. What distinguishes us as an exemplary organization is our commitment to being transparent and making sure that individuals are held accountable. We must do this so that we show as a district and as a Board of Education we are not trying to cover up anything, but instead, we are working to ensure that the individual is held accountable and our focus remains on student success.

As we begin the 2018-2019 school year, our schools and the district as a whole must remain focused on the success of ALL students. As a result of our focus on the success of the individual student, the Fleming County Board of Education and the school district is working to ensure the success of ALL students with the creation of a district-wide equity policy. As a district, we must continue to search and discover ways to not only make learning personalized but also make sure that ALL students feel safe and valued – while we work to create learning experiences and opportunities that are aligned with each student’s needs, goals, and aspirations.

With global competition increasing, our students need to possess 21st century skills that will lead to their competitiveness. Technology, communication, and soft skills are inherently becoming more valuable in a diverse workplace. As such, performance-based learning experiences and opportunities will be critical going forward in every class. Every student must have access to these invaluable, 21st-century learning experiences that are personalized to their needs, goals, and aspirations. While high stakes testing remains a required component in Kentucky’s Accountability Model, the focus on test scores are giving way to actual, real-world performance assessments. With the implementation of the BRIDGE Performance Indicators (BPIs), we are excited to encourage student innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We believe that student achievement will skyrocket when students are engaged in real-world, relevant and personalized learning experiences like they will experience with BRIDGE Performance Indicators.

Again, I want to thank everyone for your continued support of Fleming County Schools, more importantly, our students. Our students accomplish amazing things each year thanks in large part to the level of support from parents, guardians, and the community. Additionally, as I complete my fourth year as superintendent, I continue to thank the board of education for giving me this excellent opportunity and always supporting me. Also, I want to thank the community for making Valerie, Georgia and I feel welcome and members of Fleming County.

Please feel free to reach out to me and provide input and feedback. My office is always open, and I’m always out in the community so feel free to stop me and talk to me. I value your feedback as we continue to focus on becoming a District of Distinction. We have the best community support of any school district in the nation. Without the level of support that we enjoy, helping students to become productive members of the community would prove to be more difficult. Our schools are community schools, and we always welcome members of the community.

Let’s make the 2018-2019 school year another record year for the students of Fleming County. Thank you again, for making 2017-2018 school year an amazing year for students and our community’s future. Our community grows when ALL students experience success. This upcoming year, the focus will be on making sure that success is personalized, relevant and meaningful to each student. With each level of success students achieve, they become more engaged in learning and empowered to succeed further. In other words, success breeds success and we must work each day to do everything in our power as educators and as a district to make certain every student succeeds.

Our Journey Continues…


Brian K. Creasman
Fleming County Schools

Our Vision is to become a District of Distinction

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