Daily Schedule

Students visit the library twice a week.

Monday and Wednesday

7:55-8:30      5th Grade (Mrs. Fizer and Mr. Hughes)

8:30-9:05      4th Grade (Mrs. Koehler)

9:05-9:40      6th Grade (Mrs. Shannon and Mr. Emmons)

9:40-10:15    3rd Grade (Mrs. DeHart)

10:15-10:50  3rd Grade (Mrs. Tranbarger)

10:50-11:25  4th Grade (Mrs. Franke)

11:25-12:05  Lunch

12:05-12:40  1st (Ms. Newsom)

12:40-1:15    1st (Mrs. McElfresh)

1:15-1:50      2nd Grade (Mrs. Kinder and Mrs. Grimes)

1:50-2:25      Kindergarten (Ms. Hamilton)

2:25-3:00      Kindergarten (Mrs. Bradley)

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