Hunger Games Book Trailer

Hunger Games Book Trailer

By: Elizabeth W.


YouTube Link to Video:


My process for creating this book trailer is going to a website called I chose a forest background for my video because the arena in the Hunger Games is a forest. I then chose the music. That was probably the hardest part because I wanted something mysterious but also lively. After listening to almost all the music had to offer, I chose Age of Harmony. After downloading the music to the video, I took out my notepad and began to make a list of all the important things that happened in The Hunger Games. After I was finished with that, I added as many slides as there were facts. I got all my photos from a website called Photos for Class. I inserted them where I thought they’d look best. My last slide is my favorite slide because it says, “Find out in The Hunger Games.” I think this will encourage people to read the book. I watched the trailer a lot of times before I was finished with it because I wanted to make sure it was my best work and that it would encourage people to read The Hunger Games. This was my process for creating the book trailer.


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