Making Bombs for Hitler

Making Bombs for Hitler

By: Sadie L.


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First I choose a video style that I thought added a sad mood for the audience watching because I wanted to show what it might have felt like if you were in her position.  Then I took some of the main parts of the story and wrote them in a way that I would. Next, I used for my music which I choose because I wanted the feeling of sadness throughout the book trailer that helped keep the viewer interested throughout the book trailer. Then I used photos from that I thought really connected with the story because they show some of the hardships that she had to face in the book. I wanted to really show the viewer what it was like when World War II was started( ).This book was written by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch who is a Ukrainian Canadian that really knows how to get images in your head while you're reading a book. Lida who is the main character of the book goes through many hardships that take her on a long and frustrating journey where she is taken away from her sister and parents. She is taken to a brutal work camp by the Nazis where she and other Ukrainian children are forced to work, but she is assigned to make bombs. She can't stand the fact that she's helping the enemy, so she has an idea. What if she sabotages both the bombs and the Nazis. If she does, will she get caught? Can she find her sister?


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