Kent Grannis

World Civilization



Primary Text—Human Legacy: Modern Era

Secondary Texts include: varied reading excerpts from primary and secondary sources.


In addition to the text and varied secondary reading excerpts students will also have the opportunity to address document based questions related to primary and secondary sources related to topics and problems in world history.


Topics of Study:

1. Renaissance

2. Protestant Reformation/Counter Reformation

3. Age of Absolute Monarchs

4. Age of Exploration

5. Scientific Revolution/Enlightenment

6. French Revolution/Napoleonic Wars

7. Industrial Revolution

8. Reforms, Revolutions, and Wars

9. European Nationalism

10. Age of Imperialism

11. World War I

12. Interwar Years

13. World War II

14. Cold War

15. Europe and North America 1945-present

16. The Modern World (including the War on Terror and Post Cold War World)

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