Medical Terminology Part C Syllabus

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Medical Terminology (Part C) Syllabus



Course Credit: .5 Instructor: Rhonda Whitson

Room Location: 220 - Third Floor


Course Description

The main purpose of this course is to teach students about the more difficult systems of the body. Information will cover word parts, various pathological conditions and the diagnostic procedures and treatment options for each system. Students will also write appropriate, assigned essays relating to medical topics. Correct spelling of all medical terms is a requirement in this course in testing, quizzing, or portfolio writings.


Textbook - reference

Introduction to Medical Terminology Ann Ehrlich & Carol L. Schroeder

Information will be presented to students via powerpoints – students will take handwritten notes or complete handouts. Students will not have the use of an individual textbook to utilize outside of class.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of Medical Terminology – Part C, the student will:

*Identify and describe structures and functions of each system

*Identify and describe the various medical specialists

*Use caution when using abbreviations and medical spelling.

*Discuss the pathological conditions related to each of the body


*Compare and contrast the various treatment procedures available.

*Identify diagnostic procedures that may utilized for accurate

diagnosis of diseases.

*Analyze unfamiliar medical terms using knowledge gained about

word parts from parts A & B.



All students must have successfully passed Medical Terminology Part A & B to move on to Medical Terminology Part C.



ATTENDANCE is a requirement

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