Healthcare Fundamentals Syllabus

Fleming County High School

Healthcare Fundamentals Syllabus


Course Credit: 1 Instructor: Rhonda Whitson

Room Location: 220 – Third Floor


Course Description

Healthcare Fundamentals is taught during the first and second trimesters prior to the Health Care Practicum course which is during the third trimester. Fundamentals will cover many areas in preparation for the actual clinical rotation that occurs during the spring trimester. KOSSA testing will take place during the second trimester. Lecture and discussion will occur during the first trimester; and hands-on activities during the second trimester. Students in this course must have an interest in a health care field other than nursing.


Textbook – Reference

Diversified Health Occupations -7th Edition Louise Simmers

Information will be presented to students via power-points and textbooks – students will take handwritten notes with frequent oral quizzing and testing. Students will not have the use of an individual textbook to utilize outside of class unless required by IEP.


Course Objectives


*Study& research possible careers in health care

*Healthcare provider roles and healthcare systems

*Legal/ethical responsibilities

*Communication skills

*Employability skills

*Infection control and safety precautions

*Client & equipment prep for procedures

*Measuring & recording of vital signs



Principles in Health Science (during grades 9 - 11) AND Emergency Procedures with passing rate of 70% or higher in each class



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