Advanced Allied Health Core Skills Syllabus

Fleming County High School

Advanced Allied Health Core Skills Syllabus


Course Credit: 1.5 Instructor: Rhonda Whitson

Room Location: 220 – Third Floor


Course Description

This course is offered during the third trimester only and to those students who have successfully completed the Healthcare Fundamentals classes during the first and second trimesters. This course is a work-based learning opportunity for the student and attempts to place them in an area of interest to their future career. Students will work from 8:30 to 11:15 Monday-Friday in their assigned workplace from the beginning of the third trimester to the end.


Possible Worksites


*Jill Price, DMD

*Total Care Pharmacy (Clark or Main)

*Fleming County Hospital (Radiology, OR, Respiratory Therapy)

*Fleming County Rehabilitation Department

*Samuel Gehring, MD

*Primary Plus

*Family Medicine Associates of Flemingsburg


Course Objectives

Students will gain individual hands-on training with patients and staff in a community healthcare center of their interest. Students will measure and record vital signs, record & report medical history, file charts, and assist the staff with medical asepsis. Other duties will be assigned by each workplace based on the effort and work ethics of each individual student. Extra assignments and daily journaling will be required by each student.


Required Materials

Scrubs – shirt color chosen by class prior to work (paid for by each individual student)

White scrub pants - (paid for by each student)

White underclothing - (paid for by each student)

Clean, white (or light colored) shoes (paid for by each student)

Composition notebook

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