Leadership Dynamics Syllabus

Fleming County High School

Leadership Dynamics Syllabus


Course Credit: 0.5 Instructors: Janet Grimes RN, or

Rhonda Whitson RT(R)

Room Location: 219 or 220 – Third Floor


Course Description

This course is designed to assist students with developing skills needed to be successful leaders and responsible members of society. Students will develop personal attributes and social skills necessary for a successful transition into the world of work, and/or further education. Emphasis will be placed on team work, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, work ethics, and leadership.


Textbook – Reference

Diversified Health Occupations -7th Edition Louise Simmers

Internet websites

Information will be presented through power-points and lecture. Students will participate in numerous hands-on activities and scenarios as well.


Course Objectives

*Develop personal and group goals

*Develop communication skills (verbal, written)

*Explain the purpose of an agenda

*Define parliamentary procedures

*Explain types of personalities

*Describe leadership characteristics

*Compare & contrast leadership styles

*Enhance public speaking skills

*Develop self-confidence



Must have a strong interest in becoming a healthcare professional.


ATTENDANCE is extremely important!

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