Student Binder Information

Student Binders Information
The purpose of the student binders are to increase parent communication, student responsibility, and to help students become organized.
The student is responsible for keeping, taking to class(s), and returning it to school. It is also their responsibility to make sure their agendas are signed each night and any work that needs to be completed or signed. It is also the student’s responsibility to keep their binder in good, working condition. 
Important Notes
If you child has important information that you should see it will be located in the front pocket of the binder (labeled ‘Important Notes’). Please check this section of the binder each night when signing his/her agenda.
The agendas will be clipped for the week so the student will not have trouble losing their spot or day. Agendas have to be signed each night! Agendas will be checked periodically. 
Students will write their homework assignments in their agendas, however if there is a sheet for them to do for homework, then it will be placed in the folder for that class. All homework is to be returned to their class teacher (ie. Mrs. Bradley assigns homework to your child then your child will turn their homework into Mrs. Bradley, not their homeroom teacher.)
All students have been given a mesh pouch to keep their money, pencils, etc.
Keep Pocket
In the back of the binder is a pocket that will contain information that your child may keep at home (returned work).
Please remember we are here to help your child succeed and we hope that if you have any questions, you will call your child’s teacher. (606-267-2601)
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