Demonized, John Michael Visperas

              I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 (64 bit) as the program I chose to create my artwork, I pasted my photo on the program and continued to trim one of the many different masks I could choose from to fit on my face and continued to blend the two together, to make it look whole, and keep it from looking like two separate photos mashed in Photoshop. I also used linear, dark background to keep the focus of the artwork on the mask as well as the photo on myself. If I so chose to use a different background, it would lose the focus I drawn unto photo of myself merging with a mask of demons.


Sleeping, Tabatha Bellamy

   I used Photoshop to draw and color each frame of the animation with a Wacom graphics tablet. I resized the back of the animal in each frame to make it appear breathing. I transferred each frame to Movie Maker and set each frame to a 0.10 time span. I repeated each frame so that the animation would be longer. I then added a camera pan to the video and saved it.


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