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2022 MOQ Culture, Community, and Communication

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Fleming County Schools prides itself on creating a culture that is conducive to teaching and learning through strong partnerships with community stakeholders, as well as through meaningful and transparent communication. The vision to become a district of distinction requires a world-class education for students. This is achieved by empowering all district stakeholders and engaging them in the decision-making process. There is a sense that all have a responsibility to help educate students, not just the teachers and staff in schools. Families, as well as businesses and community partners all, play a critical role in this effort. Transparency is key in creating a district culture based on trust and focused on student success. Working together in partnership, stakeholders support the achievement of all students. 

Culture, Community and Communication Focus

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August Feb.
To what degree are students engaged in school?                
To what degree are staff engaged and their well-being prioritized?                
To what degree does the district provide safe schools?                
To what degree do students feel that school safety meets distinctive levels?                
To what degree are elementary and secondary students resilient?                
To what degree are students’ well-being made a priority?                
To what degree do students attend school?                
To what degree does the district communicate with students?                
To what degree does the district communicate with parents/guardians?                
To what degree are families engaged in the school district?                
To what degree do students feel extracurricular opportunities improve the school experience?                
The overall degree of how the culture, community, and communication is distinctive in the district.                

The overall rating for the month is the average of all quality components. Exceeds Expectations = (4), Meets Expectations = (3), Progressing = (2), and Improvement Priority = (1).