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2022 MOQ Leadership and Accountability


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Fleming County Schools believes that leaders collaboratively establish and communicate expectations to all stakeholders. School leaders must be transformative in their approach and accountable for overall school and district success. They motivate others to be innovative and creative in schools and across the district to improve student success and professional practice. Accountability measures the school's overall success at improving student academic and non-academic outcomes and professional practice through continuous improvement. Leaders are change agents who inspire and empower others to seek out leadership opportunities. 

Leadership and Accountability Strategic Focus

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August Feb. 
To what degree does leadership utilize data to make decisions?                
To what degree does the district keep stakeholders informed of operations?                
To what degree does leadership communicate the mission, purpose, and vision?                
To what degree does the district model the vision statement?                
To what degree does the district engage in continuous improvement?                
To what degree does the district provide a well-developed and executed 90-day plan?                
To what degree does leadership recognize student and employee achievements?                
To what degree is leadership visible and accessible in schools?                
To what degree do stakeholders feel leadership meets a distinctive level?                
The overall degree of how leaders in the district are meeting a distinctive level of leadership.                

The overall rating for the month is the average of all quality components. Exceeds Expectations = (4), Meets Expectations = (3), Progressing = (2), and Improvement Priority = (1).