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Standard 2: Governance and Leadership


Ewing Elementary School's purpose and direction are supported by governing policies, procedures, and practices. The school's policies and

practices promote effective instruction and assessments that produce equitable and challenging learning experiences for all students.

Evidence is accessible to all stakeholders by means of the school's website as adopted by the School Decision Making Council (SBDM) and

the policies and practices ensure effective management of the fiscal budget.

There are policies and practices regarding professional growth of all certified staff as indicated in their individualized Professional Growth

Plans, accessible by administration through OneDrive accounts. During the 2015-2016 school year all teachers have attended workshops or

training sessions on: Kagan Structures, Math Design Collaborative (MDC) strategies, Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) strategies,

external support writing workshops, KEDC support for the implementation of Picture Perfect Science, external support for social studies, and

whole school PLCs to embed high yield instructional strategies to enhance student achievement in the classroom.

 The governing body ensures that its decisions and actions are in accordance with defined roles and responsibilities, and they are ethical and

free of conflict of interest as cited in SBDM Bylaws and Policies, which are accessible via the school website. SBDM members participate in

professional development regarding the roles and responsibilities of the governing body and its individual members. The governing body

complies with all policies, procedures, laws, and regulations.

 The governing body protects, supports, and respects the autonomy of school leadership to accomplish goals for improvement in student

learning and instruction as well as managing day to day operations of the school. Ewing Elementary has a CSIP developed by the school

leadership team and approved by the SDBM council. The CSIP is available on the school website and all teachers are provided a copy of the


Leadership and all staff and stakeholders foster a culture of continuous improvement to achieve Ewing Elementary's purpose and direction.

All students are expected to achieve excellence in all academic areas. This is evident through 2015-2016 KPREP test scores in which Ewing

Elementary received the ranking of a School of Distinction/High Progress. Leadership supports innovative thinking, collaboration, teachers as

leaders, and professional growth.

The school engages stakeholders effectively in support of the school's purpose and direction. Communication from teachers and

administration is transparent with stakeholders groups. Stakeholders participate in opportunities to contribute to the decision making process

through surveys, leadership team, SBDM council, and Community Outreach Committee.


Certified Evaluation Plan

Leadership Agendas and Minutes

SBDM Agendas and Minutes

SBDM Bylaws

SBDM Policies

Scoring Survey Summary

EES Walkthrough Schedule

Professional Learning Calendar

Teaching to the Point -Teacher created walkthrough dcoument

Sample Lesson Plan

EES Statement of Ethics

EES PLC Framework

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