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Standard 4: Resources and Support Systems


Ewing Elementary School professional and support staff are sufficient in number to fulfill their roles and responsibilities to support the

school's purpose and direction. This is achieved through district mandated staffing numbers for certified and classified staff.

There is ample instructional time allotted in the school day to meet the needs of all students in the school. This is supported by the master

schedule and teacher's individual schedules. Teachers are provided with instructional funds at the beginning of the school year in order to

purchase instructional materials that will be utilized in the classroom. As a recipient of an Instructional Transformation grant Ewing

 Elementary has fiscal resources available to administration and teachers for professional development opportunities, conferences, and

external supports in the areas of math and reading.

 Ewing Elementary is a state of the art facility, which was built in 2013. Custodians and maintenance staff have a checklist outlining areas of

responsibility in order to maintain the building and grounds in a timely manner. In order to ensure the safety of all students and staff our

school conducts monthly safety drills (fire, tornado, earthquake, and lockdown). The principal keeps evidence of all drills conducted. Every

person in the building is aware of proper procedures for each of these drills.

Students at Ewing Elementary are enrolled in numerous online programs for instructional purposes. These are supported by daily computer

lab instructional time, classroom computers and IPad, students also have access to computers which are located in the Library/Media

Center. Our technology budget conducive to required maintenance for all computers.

All classrooms have desktop computers and internet access through the Board of Education's account. Every student and staff member is

required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy in order to use this service. Classrooms also have available smart projectors and document

cameras to engage students in classroom curriculum. Ours needs assessment identifies the area of a technology budget as a weakness.

Although there is a budget in place, our computer hardware is not replaced to keep up with the demands of 21st Century technology.

 Ewing Elementary provides services to all students within the school. In order to accomplish student needs all staff at Ewing Elementary

serve as an advocate for a group of students (7-10) monthly during Fifth Quarter. The school guidance counselor and Family Resource

Center personnel provide monthly character education class for all students in 5th grade. They are also available to provide individual class

instruction upon request. We also have a school-based counselor from Comprehend, Inc. who meets with identified students weekly.

Currently at Ewing Elementary we have two certified Special Education teachers which service identified students grades Kindergarten

through 6th who have been through the referral and testing process. We also have a certified Gifted/Talented teacher who provides services

to those identified bi-weekly. All students in 6th grade complete an Individualized Learning Plan in the computer lab with the assistance of the

guidance counselor and classroom teacher.


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