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Standard 5: Using Results for Continuous Improvement


Before last year, teachers had available MAP and Benchmark testing data along with in- district and out of district coaches that provided

support to teachers in implementing multiple strategies in the areas of math and reading. Based on analysis of areas for improvement

administration worked diligently to provide teachers with extra supports that were not available in previous years. These supports were

introduced and implemented in the 2015-2016 school year. As a result of this initiative Ewing Elementary has seen dramatic positive results

that are evident in classroom instruction through the use of high yield instructional strategies.

      For the 2015-2016 school year, teachers and students had access to new and existing resources that have been implemented with fidelity.

Our Engage NY curriculum is used district wide along with pacing guides to ensure that curriculum is taught in a timely manner. We have

also implemented Stemscopes and Picture Perfect Science for K-6 along with a pacing guide for each of these programs. The

implementation of these curriculums provide students with rigorous and performance based assessments and learning opportunities.

Ewing Elementary recognizes the importance of data for ourselves and our students. We utilize all forms of data from student assessments.

Teachers and students analyze and track their data through data notebooks, classroom data, and data walls located in the TEAM Locker

room. Through grade level PLCs every student within the walls of Ewing Elementary has been identified as to their academic strengths and

weaknesses. Teachers develop an individualized plan of action to increase student growth and reduction of GAP areas. We have ongoing

analysis of formative and summative assessments which is documented in our teacher data room using student data binders, whole

class/student data boards, and our PDSA's. Students and staff convey our data to parents through Data Nights and school wide


     An area of growth identified through our self-assessment is professional and support staff need to be continually trained in the evaluation,

interpretation, and use of data. However, during PLCs teachers are taught how to analyze data sources to benefit student growth and

achievement. While staff is aware on the analysis and use of data no formal training in provided at this time. Leadership is very well versed in

this area and provides the necessary support for all staff.


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