Gifted Education

Last Updated: 2/16/2023 8:31 PM

Gifted & Talented Program Framework


Community Drama Recommendation Form

Finding Out About You (elementary)

Finding Out About You (middle/high)

Gifted & Talented Appeals Form

Gifted & Talented Referral & Committee Review Form

Panning for Gold Observation Tool

Parent Acceleration Questionnaire

Parent Input Form

Visual Arts Jury Form

Gifted & Talented Checklists

     Cognitive/Divergent Thinking       Music - Grade 4

     Culturally Disadvantaged              Music - Grade 5

     Dance                                            Music - Grade 6                            

     Drama                                            Primary/Minority Students                                                  

     General Intellectual                      Specific Academic

     Leadership                                     Visual Art

     Music - General

Gifted & Talented Jot-Downs

     Creative Thinking                          Leadership

     Dance                                            Specific Academic

     Drama                                            Visual Art

     General Intellectual


Infographic (Feb 2023)

Kentucky Department of Education GT Website/Resources

Beginning of Year Training 2022-2023

Differentiated Classroom (May 2022)

Differentiation Resource Packet

Identifying and Serving GT Students (August 2021)

Differentiation - Inducttion (March 2019)

Differentiation - Tools and Strategies to Reach Diverse Learners (2016)

Differentiation - Induction Follow-Up Session (October 2015)







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