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2017-2018 Assessment Results

Test Results

September 26, 2018

Dear Fleming County Stakeholders:

Over the past year, students, teachers, staff, and principals have been focused on student success. Today, the Kentucky Department of Education has released test scores for each district and public school in the state from the 2017-2018 school year. I would like to provide details about the new accountability system and how we are performing. We value the strong support from our parents and community members and we are proud to share with you an overview of Fleming County Schools’ continued academic progress. More importantly we are extremely proud of our students, teachers and staff who really performed well during the 2017-2018 school year.

First, it is important to understand that this year’s accountability scores will look different from previous academic years. Kentucky’s new accountability model is made up of seven indicators: proficiency (reading and math), separate indicator (science, social studies and writing), growth, graduation rate, transition readiness, achievement gap closure, and opportunity and access. Due to several changes at both the federal and state levels, schools and districts will receive one of three designations: Comprehensive Support & Improvement (CSI), Targeted Support & Improvement (TSI), or Other for the 2017-2018 school year. There are three types of CSI:

  • CSI I (identified annually for support, beginning 2018-19) will focus on the bottom 5% of Title I and non-Title I schools based on accountability cut scores determined through a standard-setting process.

  • CSI II (identified annually for support, beginning 2018-19) includes high schools with less than 80% graduation rate for Title I or non-Title I high schools.

  • CSI III (identified annually for support, beginning 2021-2022) includes Title I or non-Title I schools previously identified for Tier II Targeted Support for at least 3 years and have not exited.

    TSI focuses on sub-groups of the student population of the school such as students receiving free/reduced price meals, students with disabilities, and English Language Learners (ELL). There are two types of TSI:

  • Tier I (identified annually for support, beginning in 2020-2021) looks at one or more sub-groups performing in the bottom 10% of Title I and non-Title I schools for two consecutive years.

  • Tier II (identified annually for support, beginning in 2018-19) looks at one or more sub-groups performing in the bottom 5% of Title I and non-Title I schools.

    Schools that are not classified as CSI or TSI, in other words, not identified to receive support, will be classified as “Other”. For this new accountability model, for the 2017-2018 school year, schools and school districts want to be labeled “Other.”

As you review the accountability data, you can see that students have been very successful, and ALL schools have greatly exceeded the cut scores established by the Kentucky Board of Education. Principals, teachers and staff members are already planning and implementing instruction that will lead to increases during the 2018-2019 school year. Student achievement continues to increase across all schools in the district as we focus more and more on the needs of each individual student. To maintain our current trajectory with student success, our focus must continue to be focused on personalizing learning, by understanding each student’s needs, goals, and aspirations. The growth and success demonstrated in Fleming County Schools is a result of the hard work of students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents and the community. This level of continued growth is truly a proud moment for all of Fleming County. Last year’s student achievement validates the district’s approach to having a laser focus on the teaching and learning in every school. We have the best students in Kentucky, based on several metrics, not solely based on test scores. Though students have achieved success, we still have much work left to do so that all students achieve even higher levels of success. Great school districts, like Fleming County Schools, do not stop, but continue to push the boundaries and chart new paths that will lead to ALL students becoming college, career and life ready.

The high expectations set by the Fleming County Board of Education for student proficiency are aimed at ensuring that every student is college, career, and life ready. Four years ago, the Fleming County Board of Education established a clear expectation that each school to be a “School of Distinction.” In four short years, not only did each school become one of the best, they continue to push boundaries to reach even higher goals. The Board of Education has made it clear that they expect every school to focus on teaching and learning and providing the best possible learning opportunities for every student. On behalf of the Fleming County Board of Education, I want to commend students, teachers, staff and principals for their work last year.

The chart below summarizes the accountability scores for Fleming County Schools:


Proficiency Indicator(Cut Score)

Separate Academic Indicator(Cut Score)


Growth Indicator(Cut Score)

Transition Readiness(Cut Score)

page2image3740112 page2image9226336

Graduation Rate (Cut Score)




58.9 (40)





59.1 (41)

page2image5841632 page2image7193696

96.2 (85)

page2image5825408 page2image7194032




78.5 (62)

66.1 (55)

11.3 (9.5)





82.0 (60.5)

66.5 (52.6)


17.3 (15.8)



page2image3724928 page2image7182832


page2image3701008 page2image7171184




77.9 (60.5)

61.6 (52.6)

16.1 (15.8)





76.0 (60.5)

65.0 (52.6)


16.3 (15.8)


page2image3739904 page2image7106112





79.6 (60.5)

70.9 (52.6)


16.5 (15.8)



page2image3787952 page2image3003312


page2image3784832 page2image7137920



District Elementary

76.4 (60.5)

64.5 (52.6)

16.6 (15.8)




page2image3772768 page2image3767568




Continue visiting the Fleming County Schools’ website to stay up-to-date on our focus of becoming a “District of Distinction!” We are very pleased with our growth; however, we have our sights on even higher student achievement during the 2018-2019 school year. Over the next few days and weeks we will take time to celebrate our students, faculty and staff and then refocus and get right back to work, pushing the boundaries on our journey to becoming a “District of Distinction.”

Our Journey Continues...

Brian K. Creasman


Fleming County Schools

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