Celebrating Our Stars

Celebrating Our Stars

October 1, 2019

Dear Fleming Countians:

Today, the Kentucky Department of Education released test scores for each school district and each 
public K-12 school in Kentucky. I would like to share details about where we are and where we are 
going. This is always an exciting time in the district as test scores are released for the previous 
year. This year is even more exciting as Kentucky launches a new accountability model that utilizes 
a 5-star classification systems for schools and school districts. It is essential to understand 
that this year’s accountability scores will look different from previous academic years – as 
Kentucky tries to better communicate student, school and district performance. Though there are 
some school districts and educators who disagree with rating schools and school districts this way, 
Fleming County Schools has fully embraced the 5-star system. Early in the fall of 2018, we began 
publicizing our “5-star quest to excellence.” Since the fall of 2014, our vision to be a District 
of Distinction has not changed, and in fact, the 5-star accountability model only strengthens our 
focus to become the best school district in Kentucky for students.

The designation of the number of stars a school and district receives is based on an overall 
accountability index score. The district will receive three separate star ratings for each level – 
elementary, middle and high school. The overall index score is broken down into the following 
indicators: Proficiency (based on reading and math achievement); Separate Academic Indicator (based 
on achievement in science, social studies, and writing); Growth (based on how much students grew 
from year to year in reading and math, in grades 4-8); Transition (only at high school and is based 
on the number of students who are college and/or career ready based on the ACT, CTE-EOP, and 
Industry Certifications); and Graduation (based on the number of students who graduate on time).

The new 5-star accountability system utilizes key indicators which determines a school and 
district’s overall rating. One star is the lowest possible ranking, and five stars is the highest 
ranking. Our test scores are phenomenal across the district. Not only did each school do amazing 
things, once again, we had no school labeled “in needs of improvement.” In fact, several schools 
had designations of high and very high scores. However, we must always find ways to get better. In 
Fleming County, we expect to win in every classroom, starting in Preschool and culminating with 

The high bar set by the Fleming County Board of Education is aimed at ensuring that every student 
is college, career and life ready. The Board of Education has made it clear that they expect every 
school to focus on teaching and learning and provide quality learning experiences and opportunities 
to every student. Because of their vision and expectations, the district has an excellent roadmap for success each year – and the understanding that we must continue to raise the bar when it comes to student success.

FCS Stars


We are extremely pleased with student success this year and we are already working to ensure that 
we reach the next level this school year. Where there may be opportunities for improvement in some 
areas, teachers, staff, and school leaders are working with district administration to set goals 
for the coming year, examining school and classroom data, and collaborating on effective practices 
that will lead to higher student success. Below is a visual showing how close we came to reaching 
the next star level – extremely close. This only validates why we are so focused on the success of 
the individual student – as we are only tenths of points away from reaching 4 stars and/or 5 stars. 
In many cases, we only missed reaching the next rating level by a handful of students. Again, the 
5-star rating is about never stopping, always searching for ways to meet ALL students where they are, and always focused on helping each student grow from one year to the next.  

3-4-5 Stars

Though Fleming County Schools tends to perform well and is among the top districts in Kentucky, we are always striving for better outcomes for students. While there are some great success stories in Fleming County, we must have higher goals for the 2019-2020 school year. Commitment to growth is vision critical in every classroom. Due to the level of student achievement and our success as a district – we must continue to aim higher, never stopping, always growing. Continue visiting Fleming County Schools’ website and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on our focus to become a “District of Distinction!” Thank you for your continued support of our students! Celebrate our students’ success with us! At the end of the day, the true stars are our students, who are our beacon to strive to do more each day!

Our Journey Continues…

Brian K. Creasman



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