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FCS MoQ & Equity

Fleming County Schools in the fall of 2022 launched Measures of Quality 2.0 in partnership with Cognia. With the Measures of Quality 2.0, the district made several updates that are better aligned to high-performing schools and school districts, including a measurement of equity throughout the school district. As with many other components of the Measures of Quality, the quality and focus of equity begin with school and district leaders. 

As such, Fleming County Schools rates equity Monthly and releases quality ratings on the Monthly Measures of Quality Benchmark. To calculate the quality of learning through the lens of equity, Fleming County Schools utilizes the LEAD Tool by Education Northwest. The ratings are based on a scale of 1 through 4, with four indicating an exemplary equity practice. Each month, district administrators discover areas of improvement that will result in higher levels of student engagement, empowerment, and equity. 

You can access the equity rubric utilized for the Measures of Quality rating by clicking (here).