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2016-Manipulated Image Product

Title: Carrying the Load

Manipulated Image

By: Hannah Hughes


Original Photos

Carrying the Load

Manipulated Image


Title: Carrying the Load

Manipulated Image

By: Hannah Hughes


The software I used for this manipulated image was picmonkey.com. For this particular edit, I felt more comfortable using this site to manipulate my image. To some people, this site would be easier to edit on rather than, for example, Photoshop. It does take some experimenting with the site in order to perform the actions that Photoshop would do; that’s exactly what I did. I have experimented with several manipulated images with site and found that I really enjoyed the actions that it offered. 



  1. To set up my picture, I had to put my camera on a tripod and change the setting to automatic. First, I took pictures with nothing in it (no box, no stool). Then I took pictures with the model in the picture.

  2. I first started with an over lay of my picture that had just the wall and table in it over the picture with the girl sitting on the table holding a blank tray.

  3. Then, I continued to erase the picture on top to where the box, stool, and head were no longer there.

  4. Once that image was saved, I constructed another overlay, and chose the image with only the head in it. I resized the image to make it proportional and moved the picture so that the head was sitting on the tray and erased the rest of the picture.

  5. Now that the bulk of the items are finished, I cropped the image using the crop tool. The picture is now resting at 3318x1723.

  6. To make the neck look like it was severed I utilized the lip tint option; I used several layers of different red tints. Also on the head on the tray, there is some darker shading at the bottom, which was done by painting different tints of red lip tint.

  7. As you can see, there is blood dripping down the neck, which the model already had on her, but the blood dripping off of the tray was preloaded to picmonkey.com. I found it on the themes page, in the vampire section, and then in the blood drops.

  8. To add the filters, I used several ones, and first starting out with the themes tab, Nosferatu Dawn effect from the Vampire theme. Then the Spellbound Miasma faded about 90% from the Witches theme. For the next effect, I went to the effects tab and did just a touch of green from the Cross Process effect.

  9. The very last thing I accomplished was making the body transparent. I did this by saving the previous work and layering it over top of the untouched picture that I had nothing in. I then faded the top picture to make the body transparent.

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